“Waking Up” is about Spiritual Practice and personal direct experience; “Growing Up” is about all the aspects of building a world based on the vision and values that emerges from that depth of that direct experience of who we all are. Prominent in the discussions is the future of the world Sustainable Development Goals and the question of how to create “a world that works for everyone”. The programs involve major international voices on the questions of spirituality and global transformation based on universal vision, values and ethics.

2016 offers programs in Boulder, June 11-12; Carbondale, June 13-14; and Crestone June 15-16. Presenters include Dr. Kurt Johnson and Yanni Maniates of ICEED and The Interspiritual Network, Karuna of Light on Kundalini and, Woody Vaspra of the World Council of Indigenous Elders, along with representatives of local and regional transformational groups. Past presenters have included Ken Wilber, David Sloan Wilson, Mirabai Starr, Rick Clugston, Ruel Walker, Elizabeth McLeod, Maikwe Ludwig, Greg Reitman, Jonathan Ellerby, among others. The Self Care to Earth Care website in the ongoing presence of these annual programs.