A recent report has ranked London as the most AI-driven city in the world thanks to its thriving tech industry and world-class universities like University College London (UCL) making it the ideal location to study or research in the field.

As society transitions to a more automated society, the core aim of the UCL Centre for AI s is to create new AI technologies and advise on the use of AI in science, industry and society. The Centre takes inspiration from the vast array of applications across UCL and acts as the engine of methodological progress. The AI Centre has close research and training links to other local AI communities, including the Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit and the Alan Turing Institute. The AI Centre is part of UCL’s wider AI Strategy and serves as the engine of methodological development across UCL. It also partners with numerous organizations from different sectors of society.

AI is already part of society, changing the information that it receives, the choices that individuals make and the ways in which societies function. In the coming years it will play an even greater role in how governments and public institutions operate, and in how citizens interact and participate in the democratic process.

The International Council on Environmental Economics and Development (ICEED) has partnered with the UCL Centre for AI to combine their research and analysis on Artificial Intelligence to help shape the process of AI’s influence on all aspects of society.