Crestone is a legendary cultural and ecological vortex, uniting heritages of indigenous wisdom and sacred geometry with a history of harmony and peace building.  It is also the location of multi-faith centres of over a dozen world traditions.

This extraordinary gathering brought together key leaders from a variety of organisations for the purpose of relationship building. The Crestone Convergence represented a unique coming together of a wide variety of people and groups and proved to be a rich and fruitful three days of sharing, deepening into relationship, exploring the richness of the environment, and drawing inspiration from the great work that is being done as well as from the work that is unfolding.

A number of “hubs” were represented at the conference, both locally and internationally.  Internationally, leaders of over a dozen major networks doing transformative work worldwide were represented.  Locally, practitioners, leaders and organizations across the whole Crestone landscape were also there (the Crestone Spiritual Alliance, the Crestone Baca Resiliency Manitou Foundation etc.).  And further, the entire gathering was grounded in indigenous shamanic practice brought by, among others, Mindahi Bastida Munoz, Roger La Borde and John Milton. Ken Wilber created an inspiring introductory video for the event and James O’Dea composed a moving commemorative poem and call to action.

Crestone and the Sacred Sites Program

One of the geographic locations revealed in the sacred sites vision was the Four Corners of the USA. The Four Corners is a region of the United States consisting of the southwestern corner of Colorado, southeastern corner of Utah, northeastern corner of Arizona, and northwestern corner of New Mexico. ICEED worked with Mindahi Bastida (coordinator of the Sacred Sites program) and researched several areas in Crestone. This is because Crestone is located in the eastern most section of the Four Corners. Mt Blanca, a sacred mountain revered by the many indigenous peoples of the area proved to be a high candidate for the Four Corners sacred site. If confirmed by the Otomi and Kogi elders, representatives will be brought to Mt Blanca in September 2018 to carry out the necessary prayers and rituals.